In pretty much all first world countries the purchase, ownership, and use of a Stinger is legal. Even in those countries or states where radar detectors have been banned. The reason for this is that a Stinger is a car computer, not a radar detector. At every Stinger’s core you will find a robust computer brain that manages and orchestrates all the Stinger apps, making a Stinger every bit as much a computer as your Mac, PC, or iPhone.

Legality of Apps

Just like with any other computer, while the general use of your Stinger is legal, depending on where you are, the use of certain specific apps may not be. In Australia the rules and regulations are not the same in all states. Therefore, before using such Stinger apps as Radar Alerting, Laser Alerting, and LaserShield, please make sure you do so where allowed. Please contact the Stinger distributor for Australia for more details. 

Equipping your Stinger with Radar Alerting

In states where Radar Alerting (and/or Laser Alerting, LaserShield, SpotList Alerting) is not allowed, Stingers come standard without those apps and will be incapable of alerting for radar, laser, etc. Should the legal situation change, or would you like to travel to a state where those apps are allowed, you can download these apps via the Stinger Desktop app (the official Stinger app for on the Mac/PC desktop).

Please note that all Stinger apps have been developed for use where allowed. Specifically for those drivers who use their Stinger in a state where Radar Alerting is legal, the Stinger is equipped with a function to delete the Radar Alerting app at the push of a button. This allows our users to abide by, seemingly, conflicting regional rules and regulations. Upon returning to a state where Radar Alerting is allowed, you can re-install the Radar Alerting app via your Stinger Desktop app on your Mac or PC.

Installment of all Stinger components is legal
Even in most anti-Radar-Alerting countries, the use and in-car installment of all Stinger hardware components is fully allowed. This, as all the components, including the antennas, are of critical use for a variety of functionalities that includes apps such as Mileage Logging, PoliceCheck and Safety Signals which are legal in all more or less ‘normal' countries of the world.

Note: Under no circumstance does your Stinger constitute a license to exceed the posted speed limits. Alerts from your Stinger serve as an effective reminder to mind your speed. Always drive responsibly and pay full attention to traffic. The use of your Stinger and the Stinger apps is and will remain your responsibility. Please inform yourself about the local rules and regulations before employing your Stinger.


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