...the broadest spectrum with
the highest sensitivity...

Evo - A question I frequently get asked is "Where can you use that sort of performance/power?"

Considering a standard 2009 GT-R is already ridiculously fast with 485hp and Stealthzilla now produces 717hp, that is a reasonable question.
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magical stinger

Carros - The magicians from Singer have introduced a top model that provides even better protection against speed traps: the stinger ‘vip’.

‘A costly piece, but the VIP is the best protector against speed traps ever. In the world.’
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Stinger once again pulls fuzzbuster to higher level

Octane - He who does not know what a fuzzbuster is, should go back to the America of the sixties.

At the time the fuzz was slang for 'police'. Together with the word buster it meant 'radar detector', as invented in the USA. That was long ago, when everything was better. Yet, one thing that is nice about our time, is that devices that protect against speed traps have become much better. Also thanks to Stinger.
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stinger DSI in fifth gear

FIFTH GEAR - The UK carshow Fifth Gear tested three different speed trap protectors, among which the Stinger DSI.
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stinger hits UK

EVO - New detector warns of gatso, specs, radar and laser speed traps.

‘Some of you are no doubt delighted that central government fuding has been withdrawn from the Safety Camera Partnership here in the UK. However, whilst it has always been easy to spot the well signposted and fluorescent yellow Gatsos that they operate, the bigger threat to licences and wallets could well be a rise in the number of police-operated laser speed traps, and of course the ubiquitous SPECS average-speed cameras springing up on motorways.’
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