“Great things are done by a series of 
small things brought together.”

Vincent van Gogh



Designers of super cars are true artists. Sketching with pen and paper, sculpting it on a molding block, physically and digitally manipulating every shape, every detail of the car until they have crafted a masterpiece: a beautiful harmony of esthetics and performance.



Bulky laser sensors are a sin

As the appreciative owner, of course you want to protect your car against laser speed traps, but putting bulky laser sensors on such a high performance car is a sin: a sure fire way to ruin the true art of design.


A non-Stinger laser sensor



Art requires art. Introducing Fiber Laser

Understanding that art requires art, we have worked hard to develop laser protection that does justice to the design of high performance vehicles. Today, we are therefore proud to present Fiber Laser, with all-fiber laser sensors: a breakthrough in size, coupled with unsurpassed protection, matching your car’s harmony of esthetics and performance.


Stinger Fiber compared to the bulky laser sensor


Fiber Laser already boasted Fibers for its transmitting sensors, but now also comes with Fiber receivers. A major innovation, deemed impossible by almost everybody, but not by Stinger.  Our all-Fiber Laser is available as a stand-alone product, or can be used as your laser protection for Card and VIP.



The Fibers are practically invisible


Also improved: Car-to-car SafetySignals

Through an even higher accuracy and sensitivity Fiber Laser produces the best version of SafetySignals ever. And due to its friendly price an ever increasing group of people will be enjoying this safety feature. Just SafetySignals makes it worth it to have Fiber Laser installed in your car.



Car-to-car SafetySignals: this is how it works

Laser enables Fiber Laser to send 'car-to-car' alerts. We call these alerts SafetySignals. With SafetySignals, a Stinger user (of a Card, VIP or Fiber Laser) can alert other Stinger users by initiating a SafetySignal, or by passing it on.

A Stinger user who hits the brakes hard, generates a ‘Heavy Braking’ signal on the displays of other Stinger users in his vicinity. You will be warned of heavily braking traffic near you, which can avoid a lot of damage and saves lives.



How to order

Contact your local Stinger DealerDistributor, or Stinger directly (at +31 252 418095 or mail@stinger.com), to place an order or get more information.