Many countries in the world have their own, unique regulations regarding drivers being alerted to, and protected from, speed traps. Depending on the country, citizens may or may not have the freedom to receive information concerning speed traps and to be alerted accordingly. In some countries citizens have the liberty to freely pick up radar signals, while in others that is made illegal. Also the freedom to receive the information from laser speed trap guns often differs per country. 

In order to offer its products to car drivers throughout the world (like in the so called ‘common market’ of the E.U., where the laws vary widely per country, as well as in many other countries and states on our planet), Stinger in certain markets only supplies versions of its products that are incapable of certain functionalities. Radar Alerting, Laser Alerting, LaserShield, and SpotList may not be available on those versions.

Please be aware that all features and functionalities discribed in this manual are subject to the presence of the corresponding hardware modules. 

Note: Under no circumstance does your Stinger constitute a license to exceed the posted speed limits. Alerts from your Stinger serve as an effective reminder to mind your speed. Always drive responsibly and pay full attention to traffic.


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