Language Packs for VIP OS 4

To add a language package for VIP OS 4, download one of the packages below. Besides the language of your choice, the Language Pack also contains English.

To install the Language Pack, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the language of your choice (see below). Save the ZIP file on your computer where you can easily locate it 
   (like on the Desktop or in Downloads folder).

2. Locate the ZIP file you have just downloaded on your computer.
3. Double click the file so it will unzip (on some computers the ZIP files are automatically unzipped and on other 
   computers you need to right click the ZIP file first and choose 'Unzip file').

4. Connect your Stinger USB Key to your computer.
5. Drag the folders you have just unzipped directly to the USB Key (in the so-called root, not in a seperate folder).
    The folder that you need to drag to the USB stick is named like: Stinger Language Pack.EN
6. After the copying is done, disconnect the USB Key from your computer.

7. Connect the USB Key to the VIP's USB Port in your car.
8. Start up your car.
9. Follow the directions on your VIP Display.

Language Packs

Stinger VIP Language Pack

Download Language Pack French v1
December 2016


Stinger VIP Language Pack

Download Language Pack Dutch v2
June 2018