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Stinger Desktop 3.0.04

VIP, Freedom Laser, Card & DSI

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Ultime versioni-software

VIP - Stinger Operating System
version 4.10.03 - October 2019

Fiber Laser-stand alone / Freedom Laser - Stinger Operating System
version 3.1.00 - May 2019
If the update is not automatically available in Stinger Desktop 3.0,
please send a mail to

Card - Card Software
version 4.1.10 - May 2018

DSI - Stinger Operating System
version 3.2.00 - October 2015
For users with Computer Center-01 and -02 the most recent software will remain 2.3.00.


SpotList per il VIP

At the moment, SpotList updates for the VIP are not available for automatic download. They can simply be obtained by sending a request to: mail [at] Please put ‘SpotList VIP’, and the country you would like te receive in the subject line.

Language Packs for VIP

To add a language package to VIP OS 4 click here. The available languages are Dutch, English, French, German and Polish


spotlists Per il DSI e la Carta

Stinger Spotlist

version BNL 2019v11
November, 2019

Stinger Spotlist
United kingdom

version GB 2019v11
November, 2019

Stinger Spotlist

version AU 2019v11
November, 2019

spotlists per il DSI e la Carta

Stinger Spotlist

version IL 2019v11
November, 2019

Stinger Spotlist
Czech Republic + Slovakia

version CSK 2019v11
November, 2019