Enjoy the silence

Stinger MP HD Experience a whisper quiet ride free from annoying false alarms caused by the latest in-car RADAR systems such as Blind Spot alerters, Lane Departure Warning, etc. Thanks to accurate filtering and smart software your Stinger offers a silent ride, even for drivers with Distronic and other RADAR based Vehicle Crash Avoidance Systems in their vehicles, as Stinger's Exclusive In-Car RADAR filtering technology learns your car's RADAR emission(s) signature, and filters them out without affecting the accurate detection of real Police RADAR threats.

Unrivalled accuracy
The secret of efficient silience lies in Stinger’s HD Antenna, whose unrivalled accuracy makes it possible to quickly recognize the type of radar signal. Your Stinger will ignore ‘friendly’ radars and pretty much only alert for radars that really matter.


Advanced quiet ride technologies

Dynamic Sensitivity reduces X and K band sensitivity at city speeds and increases it at highway speeds FalseListing, using patented GPS technology, eliminates falses based on location and exact frequency. Also allows manual adding of specific locations SpeedSense automatically eliminates falses under user selectable preset speeds Advanced algorithmic filtering eliminates most in-car radar system falses such as blind spot, crash avoidance systems (CAS) and many other car radar systems In-car radar eliminates K-band falses from your own car when equipped with systems such as distronic, blind spot, cas, etc. Auto-mute automatically changes the alert tempo after the onset of an alert USB drive updatable.