Engineered for

Choose from three VIP packages

MSRP from $4,995.00*
For complete front/rear radar protection
Red light and speed camera protection
and front laser detection


Stinger MP HD

Extended warning distances when facing modern radars

The VIP has been designed to give you longer warning distances against modern speed radars*, because that's when it matters. Not to extend warning ranges against normal radars, as those are already more than plenty.

Modern radars are often low power which makes them hard to discover at significant distances. But not for Stinger's HD Antenna: the Stinger patch antenna is capable of picking up the faintest of signals and maximizes warning distance against even the trickiest opponents.

The HD Antenna has been designed for U.S. operation and includes X, K, 16ms K-Band POP, 67 ms Ka POP and Wide-Band Ka frequencies.


Stinger VIP screens

Incredible ease-of-use

The VIP’s alerting is revolutionary in its simplicity. Quiet, but loud and clear when it has to be, allowing you to fully focus on driving.

One split-second view at your Stinger display is enough. At any time, green means 'relax', yellow 'suppressed alert', and red 'full alert'. The clear pictograms tell a thousand words.


Stinger MP HD

What's included

1 x VIP Display
2 x HD RADAR Antenna
4 x LASER Antenna (2 Receiving and 2 Transmitters)
1 x GPS Antenna
1 x Display Holder
1 x Computer Center
2 x Laser Analyzer Box
2 x Extension Box
1 x Speaker
1 x Stinger USB Drive
All required power cables, interconnecting cables, hardware, installation manual, etc.


* Note: features and functionalities are only available where allowed