VIP 4.0


A Major New Software Release

At the center of VIP 4.0 software lies a completely redesigned 'filtering engine' with better false suppression and signal discrimination. This update will bring many other enhancements to your VIP as well, touching areas such as FalseListing, SpotListing, Section Control (Specs), Radar Alerting, Laser Alerting, and the User Interface and Settings.



Stinger VIP Radar Ka-Band

Improved FalseListing


It can be annoying when a source other than a speedtrap, operates in the same frequency range or laser spectrum. VIP has always had a wide range of ways of making these false alerts disappear, either manually or automatically. VIP software 4.0 can now identify and suppress such sources more quickly and more accurately, for instance through its Auto FalseList. This means better suppression of FalseListed locations and less unnecessary alerts in your car.



Stinger VIP Radar Ka Band with signal coming from the rear

More accurate radar alerting


With the VIP software getting a big overhaul in this 4.0 version, the sensitivity of the radar's K and Ka-band is further improved: better and earlier alerts, more accurate band settings for certain countries, and much improved alert ramp-ups to audio-visually indicate the proximity of the radar source.



Automatic speed limit with Section Control


Stinger VIP Section Control

Section Controls take a picture of your car at the start of a section and another picture at the end. Your average speed will then be determined by calculating the time difference between these two points. But some Section Controls use different speed limits depending on the time of day. VIP 4.0 will automatically select the correct speed depending on what time you are driving by (requires the new SpotList files, available from January 2017).

Section Control Alerting has also been otherwise improved and will display your current and average speeds even more precisely.



Larger touch areas


Stinger VIP 4.0 has larger touch areas


Now operate your VIP quicker and more precisely. We grew the 'touch areas' around the buttons in the Pilot screen, so you can more easily control the Mute, SpotList and FalseList buttons, as well as the LaserShield’s new 'Touch-to-Kill' functionality.



Update your VIP now


The 4.0 update is available for Stinger VIP right now, and can be downloaded and installed via the Stinger Desktop app. If you don't have the Desktop app installed on your computer yet, please download it here.

To download Language Packs for voice alerts on your VIP, please  go the download page.



List of changes


Capability of Auto FalseList to remember locations more quickly.
More accurate suppression of FalseListed locations. 

SpotList and Section Control
Alerts for red light camera locations when you are driving below your SpeedSense limit, can be switched on or off in the settings.
Automatic selection of the current speed limit (depending on the time of day), when alerting for section controls with variable limits (requires the new SpotList files, available from January 2017).
More accurate alerting for, and monitoring of, Section Control areas.
Better suppression of false alerts within Section Control areas.

Radar Alerting
Improved K and Ka-band sensitivity.
More accurate K and Ka-band discrimination and filtering.
More accurate band settings for certain regions.
Improved signal strength indication and alert ramp-up. Laser Alerting
More accurate laser settings for many regions (with more improvements to follow).

Improved discrimination for radar based SafetySignals.
Improved (laser based) car-to-car SafetySignal alerting for heavy braking traffic.

Automatic back-up of RouteLogging data (when suitable USB stick is connected).
Improved trip data accuracy.

User Interface, Settings and others 
All SpotList data can be removed in Settings.  
Toggle function to temporarily (until restart) switch between 'K-band on', 'Low-power only', and 'K-band off'.  
Voice and text support for additional languages.  
Improved Front/Rear HD Antenna support. 
'Touch-to-Kill' function to instantly end LaserShielding.  
Larger touch areas for several buttons including 'Touch-to-Kill', Mute, SpotList and FalseList (lower button plus entire area directly above).  
Improved hardware support for newer LABs and VIP Displays.  
More detailed logging of speed trap events.  
Several code improvements and bug fixes.